all the news thats fit to print...

okay. it's been a damn sight since i updated. sorry about that.
getting more shifts at Annie's Social Club, which is great. i really like that place and it's a good job. the "Booker From Hell" was finally fired at mezz, which means we may actually be getting some better shows to work now. also very nice. this fuckin' yutz actually wanted to make mezz a friggen hipster club! dear god how i hate the hipsters. i used to hate hippies, but in my old age i have calmed severely. hippies are fine. relaxed,easy going. my kinda folks. the hipsters are a bunch of kids trying to relive an era they weren't even a part of. the 80's. and boy did the 80's suck. now i know, i was a kid in the 80's, but i do remember them. and even from a child's perspective, home life and family excluded, the 80's were retarded. and so, the hipster kids, like all the retro fad lovers, go WAAAAAAAAAY too far, and are beyond retarded. okay, i'm done now...
anyway, i've got 2 big trips coming up this week. sunday, i'm heading to las vegas with a few pals to see my favorite live band, Clutch. they'll be here in San Francisco, but i'll be on the next leg of my tour, in Mpls during that show, so vegas it is! we'll come back from vegas and that night i get on a plane to the hometown i love. where, dear god in heaven, my LITTLE brother is getting married. it's really awesome and makes me so damn happy for him. but it also makes me feel a little weird. no big deal.
in the long run, i'm looking to move back to seattle. some time in the next 1 or 2 years. i love the bay area, but more and more i feel like i'm paying a lot more to live here. well..., i am actually. crap. anyway, yeah. it's getting on time to move on, and i want to go where i can settle down. and that is seattle. i got lots of friends up there, plenty of art to do there, and my girl is into it. super. duper.

well, thats the long and short of it. i'll try to be a bit more productive with this here blog. promise.


hey there...

well hello. sorry, i've been busy. gonna be heading back to mpls here soon. end of july. i miss it. went to denver in february, and that was awesome. got some swell ink on my shins while i was there, and boy did it hurt. ouch. 7 hours later i was ready for bed. guh. 
school is going well, working out all sorts of groovy movie stuff. i should be shooting a scene here sometime in the next couple of weeks. if i can i'll try to post it. somewhere...
working my butt off lately. lots of jobs with lots of clubs. getting surprise shows dropped on us 3 days ahead of time... interesting.
um, yeah. there you go. more to come as it happens.



hiya. it's been a little while, sorry for that.
just started the stupid, stupid page on facebook. i don't really know why i do these dumb profile sights, but there it is. i'm on goddamn facebook now.

uh, started school again. digital video production. moohaha! mine is an evil laugh... i'm really very excited about this clss. learning all the ins and outs of camera work. i'm still loking for the directors experience, but its damn good for me to learn the camera. so's i know when the camera guy is screwing it up...
trying my damdest to work more. i'm going to denver in the end of the month, and i'd like to have the money to eat while i'm there.
been painting for a friends benefit show for school kids. i'll donate a painting and if it sells, it'll all go to the kids. yay! i believe they are the future. feed them well, and let them lead the way...
um, other than that, it is, again, the same old same old.
i am still alive, and relatively healthy. so far. ahem.


rock and roll evacuation...

so, my good pal and roommate, rose, works for one of the few venues in san francisco that i don't. she, in the infinite kindness of her heart, and the fact that her date flaked on her, took me to see one of my favorite bands in the universe. (and the universe is a BIG place, and getting bigger if you ask steven hawking...)

The Electric 6

holy. crap.
alright, there are some bands i've seen live many times, and they always delight me. this is the first time i've seen the electric 6 live.
it was one of the best live shows i've seen in a long time... and i work in a LIVE VENUE!
anyway, if you like awesome rock and roll, and you have a sense of humor check them out. i love them and you should too.

and now, an early x-mas list of 10 things i'm pretty sure i won't be getting:
1. a dog.
its actually too early to tell, but i'm still a little busted up over the last debacle...

2. my back tattoo piece done or even started.
fool! i'm broke. didn't you already gather that by how much i bitch about work!? and that shit costs MONEY.

3. a nice bass guitar and amp to practice on.
its been awhile since i played, but i'm getting into all the artsy fartsy crap i used to love, so i figured this would be fun to rehash. iron maiden!

4. a real, working, non-hand-me-down computer.
is it too much to hope for?

5. superpowers.
i don't really care if i'm bitten by a radioactive bug, or my gene's mutate. dammit, i wanna shoot lazers from my eyeballs!

6. a ninja sword.
c'mon... EVERYONE wants a ninja sword. even my mother wants one. don't lie, ma. you know you do...

7. world peace.
just kidding! actually i want a machine gun with a chainsaw on it. you know... for the zombie apocalypse. duh.

8. an ipod to go with the nonexistent computer.
i like the idea of carrying 300 albums with me at any time. i'm a music junkie. and i like entire albums, not just a few single songs.

9. a REALLY nice digital video camera.
seriously, the good ones cost like 3000 bucks. are you friggen joking!? i've never even seen 3 grand all at once. i'd probably spend it on comic books and candy. because emotionally, i'm an infant. so mlah!

10. nightvision goggles.
again... for the zombie apocalypse. hey man, i live in OAKLAND. we're about three crackheads and a supervirus away from total friggen zombie meltdown. have you ever been to west oakland bart!? that place is crawling with the living dead.



no really, go watch the movie. my mom saw it. for gods sake, watch it. then comment on it you lazy bastards...
p.s.-AAAAHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Obama friggen won!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! thats the best news i've heard in EIGHT YEARS!!! goodbye shit-for-brains! have fun back in texas, you asshole.
oh, and alaska? you can have your governor back. keep her away from me. i can't guarantee i won't say or do something horribly mean. and bloody.